Jazz & Riffs Hardware Collection now displayed in Simon’s Hardware / Bath

Jazz & Riffs Hardware Collection is proud to be displayed in New York City’s oldest premier specialty hardware & plumbing retailer, Simon’s Hardware / Bath is a treasure trove of decorative and architectural hardware as well as kitchen and bath fixtures their hardware specialist Daniel Poche is very knowledgeable about the J&R cabinet pulls and shower door handles. A one-stop-shop for Contractors, Architects, Designers and Homeowners, Simon’s has been supplying elegance to New Yorkers since 1908.

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The Jazz and Riffs Cabinet Hardware Team

Jazz Standard Mink M
Mink M

The Jazz and Riffs Hardware team has relocated to Arizona. Their elegant glass kitchen and bath hardware pulls, cup pulls and knobs are still made in Seattle with their original fabricators.
The move had been in the works for years and is a welcome change. Please visit us and feel free to comment your views on our product and like us on Facebook!


New Cabinet Hardware

We would like to know what you think of our new shower or appliance door handle. The one pictured is in the Jazz style in Aqua Marine. The handle also comes in the Riffs style which is a ribbed glass. The cabinet and drawer hardware is made in the USA using stainless and glass. Cups, Pulls and Knobs for kitchen. bathroom and closet cabinets and drawers. Elegant and durable.



Trends in Cabinet Hardware

We would like to start a discussion about trends in hardware. How do you feel about trends? Is this important to you? What if you install what is the newest trend and you discover that it is not really what you want?
Could it be that researching product and finding what you like may be more important than going with what has been anointed as the newest most popular thing?
Hardware on your cabinets and drawers in your kitchen and bath are going to be there for awhile as long as you select something that is durable. So it seems that selecting something that really appeals to you would make sense.
What do you think? Do you follow trends in hardware for your



New Kitchen and Bath Showroom

We are proud to announce that Roseo Design Center is now showcasing the Jazz and Riffs Hardware Collection. Philip and Ellina Angelotti have a 9,000 square foot showroom in Scottsdale Arizona where they have the finest products from the finest vendors for your home. Plenty of ideas for your kitchen and bath.
Visit Phil and Ellina and touch and feel the glass and stainless pulls and knobs of the Jazz and Riffs Hardware Collection. Perfect for all kitchen and bath cabinets and drawers. Elegant, durable and made in the USA.
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Using color in cabinet and drawer hardware

I have already discussed the uniqueness of the Jazz and Riffs Hardware Collection. Materials they are made from, glass and stainless steel. The variety of colors offered and their distinctive design. Plus the fact they are handmade in the USA.

I would now like to discuss the possibility of using colors in hardware in a kitchen and would invite anyone else to come forth with their ideas here.

How about this? Rethink using the ubiquitous stainless towel bar in its singular silver look. Think color in your kitchen to accentuate your cabinets and counter tops! For instance. The right color used in your hardware can bring out colors in your granite that maybe would have not been very obvious. The right color of hardware could also really complement your cabinet finish and style.

Choices are always being made in design. With color you can choose hardware that will match your finishes giving you a more monochromatic look or you can pick hardware in colors that will give you more of an accent, make your interior pop.

We would like to start a discussion here and hear others ideas on this. Using color in hardware to make your space more interesting!

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Jazz and Riffs Hardware showcase


Jazz up your kitchen with new cabinet hardware

Some good ideas here to Jazz up your kitchen without a major commitment of money. It can be as simple as painting your cabinets and adding some color with the hardware to add some elegance.

Take a look at our ten colors of glass in two distinct styles. Durability with elegance.

Here is Riffs in Stormy Black

Here is Jazz in Golden Eyes

Riffs Standard Pulls Golden Eyes
Golden Eyes GE

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Jazz and Riffs Hardware is looking at new partners

Alexa, the creator of the Jazz and Riffs Hardware Collection, is in LA meeting with some people that are interested in selling her elegant hand made product.
She has been busy as she was just in Scottsdale Arizona doing the same thing.
To find out more about Alexa visit her design site or the hardware site. You can even see of video of her!
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Using Black in the Kitchen

Here are some good ideas for the kitchen. Kitchen #5 uses black cabinet hardware. Another choice would be to use the Jazz and Riffs Stormy Black cup pulls and knobs. All products come in ten distinct colors.
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Here is the Riffs Cup Pull in Stormy Black.

Riffs Cup Stormy-Black--SB_Web

This is the Jazz Cup Pull in Stormy Black

Jazz Cup Stormy-Black--SB_Web



Glass shower door and glass hardware

Glass shower doors and glass shower door hardware are enjoying increased popularity today. What other option look more modern and stylish than a glass door anyway? However, installing these doors is slightly different. What so good about them is that they’re mostly customized. If you want glass doors for your bathroom, you have to call a fitter and ask them to install you with one. And that also means you have to personally buy the glass shower door hardware to go with it.

The type of hardware you need to shop for includes handles, braces, hinges, and the likes. You have to painstakingly choose the right set especially if you want to set a tone for your bathroom. Ideally, the hardware you should get must match your choice of fixtures inside. If you want to go silver and white, get the stainless steel hardware set. If you prefer gold door hardware, then buy gold plated pieces accordingly.

Jazz and Riffs Hardware is introducing it’s newest product. A glass handle made by hand in the USA that is offered in ten colors. Colors such as Bambay Blue, Aqua Marine and Garden Green.

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